Fertility Awareness (FAM) teaches a woman how to identify when she ovulates and is considered fertile during her menstrual cycle. This information can be used to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy.

The Marquette Method (MM) is a  method of FAM which utilizes home hormone testing to track a woman's cycle. The MM is a modernized Natural Family Planning (NFP) method which only requires one simple objective test a day.

The MM utilizes a variety of products to track hormones at home: Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor, Mira Monitor, ProoV Products, Premom and TempDrop. I work closely with my clients to help them choose the products which best meet their needs.

The menstrual cycle is a fifth vital sign and an indicator of a woman's overall health. Our bodies were designed to have a healthy menstrual cycle which is a sign of a healthy body.

As a fertility educator I am passionate about educating women about their menstrual cycle as well as providing an effective non-hormonal option for natural birth control and pregnancy achievement.

The Marquette Method can be used to help:

A couple avoid a pregnancy

(98-99% effective in preventing pregnancy)

A couple achieve a pregnancy

(Ideal first step in an infertility evaluation)

Uncover underlying health issues

Avoid pregnancy without hormones while breastfeeding

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